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Traditional Data VS Big Data: Visualization and Advanced Analytics

Amitech recently attended the TDWI chapter meeting on Sept. 2, 2016 at BJC Learnings Center with Amitech’s very own Paul Boal and Doug Graham, both St. Louis TDWI chapter officers. We were proud to sponsor an exciting event to help connect those in the BI/DW industry and listen to exciting talks on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

We heard innovative presentations from Gunar Carlsson, the co-founder of Ayasdi, and Dr. Stewart, the VP for Clinical Integration at Mercy Health, regarding New Visualization Techniques for Complex Data. Data can be complicated. Topological data analysis can help quickly analyze patterns, increase treatment effectiveness, and cut down time to design optimal pathways to address the new challenges in healthcare.

Highlighting the insights that advanced analytics can provide, Christopher Lehmuth of Express Scripts detailed how data solutions provide actionable key insights in healthcare. Mr. Lehmuth used case reviews as examples for how advanced analytics provided solutions both internally for Express Scripts and externally for clients.

Be sure to join us for the next TDWI event in St. Louis in the Spring 2017.