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Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing

Talent and Skill Augmentation

Closing the talent gap.

According to the 2020 Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) site by Bullhorn, the top challenge cited by recruiters is talent shortages, which 73% say is an issue. With much of the best talent already employed, recruiters must look beyond candidates who are actively applying for jobs and use cold outreach to find talented candidates who are already working.

Amitech helps to alleviate those talent pressure points through:

  • Staff augmentation for difficult to find skill sets
  • Project or function outsourcing
  • Offshore and nearshore solutions for costs containment and scale

Are you struggling to find the resources you need? Amitech uses innovative approaches to source the best, hardest to find tech talents for our clients. We employ three different models to plug the holes in client rosters:

Multiple Talent Solutions

Amitech offers staff augmentation and other solutions to meet the client’s talent transformation needs. We have extensive nearshore and offshore capabilities available in various contracting models. Our vast network of developers and IT experts means we can source quickly for difficult specialty positions allowing us to find lower-rate candidates without sacrificing performance or quality.

Proven Processes

We use our on-staff technical consultants to validate candidates have the true technical skills claimed. The evaluation includes thorough research on a candidate’s experience and background to provide hiring managers with the best possible information on which to base their decision. Amitech’s proven and meticulous process ensures that only the best candidates join our team.

IT, Big Data, BI, and Analytics

Amitech leverages deep IT project staffing expertise in healthcare to many other industries from finance to utilities and more. We concentrate our business on IT innovation, meaning our top talent is qualified to help meet your business goals whether they are project specific or require ongoing talent. We build leadership structures on-site, driving accountability and customer success.