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The Success Profile: How did Amitech deliver a team of consultants to a multibillion-dollar healthcare payor who quickly needed to make significant changes to their legacy pre-authorization and claims processing systems to onboard a big client and was tired of overpaying for mediocre candidates?

The Challenge: Staffing companies hold little-to-no accountability for their candidates.

This customer was looking for a true partner that prioritizes their customer’s needs. They were starting to lose hope about finding a vendor who could do it all. Not only were turnaround times too long, but the presented candidates were mediocre at best. To add to this, there was zero accountability from the vendors, excessive ramp up timelines were the norm and there was a complete lack of a partnership.

The Solution: Amitech brought a team of consultants in, rather than placing individuals one-by-one within the organization.

Amitech’s recruiters quickly found the best-qualified candidates with building a team in mind. Amitech filled high demand positions unique to the customer with speed, talent, and accuracy. After filling the positions, Amitech onboarded the consultants allowing the customer to take a step back and not be burdened with this tedious process. Amitech conducted boot camps and teambuilding exercises to better prepare the consultants’ emersion in both organizations. The communication with the customer and consultants never stops. After the engagement started with the customer, Amitech Delivery Leads continue regular interactions with consultants, including checking in with them to review accountability measures ensuring they have everything required for success.

Using this onboarding model, Amitech reduced the ramp-up speed by 65% and saved this customer $400K in the process.

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