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StampedeCon IoT Summit

Amitech is proud to be a Primary Sponsor of the 2017 StampedeCon IoT Summit on April 20. The event will take place at Eric P Newman Education Center, Washington University Medical School (320 S Euclid St. Louis, MO 63110). Amitech is committed to driving thought leadership and practical education within the exponentially growing IoT space!

Be sure to attend the session featuring Amitech’s Paul Boal, VP of Delivery, on Why You Should be Using IoT Technologies for More Than Just IoT. In this unique take on the nascent IOT space, Paul will discuss and explore the possibilities of utilizing IoT tech and principles in traditional enterprise systems.

Stop by our booth and chat with us on how Amitech is helping change the healthcare landscape through our data analytics solutions. We are also looking to meet elite talent interested in joining the Amitech team as we continue to expand.

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