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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Get Started with RPA

Four Ways to Get Started with Automation

Amitech has four unique ways to help you get started quickly with your automation projects, each one tailored to where you are in your RPA journey: Just figuring out where to start? Want to deliver a quick win with real value? Started, but need an expert check-up? Ready to build a solid business case for automation?

Assessing Automation Value with RPA Use Case Validation

Automating the wrong process is a leading cause for RPA failure and missed expectations on automation ROI. 

RPA programs often take a narrow view of the value that organizations can realize from automation by focusing only on productivity. They rely exclusively on technical complexity and lack a comprehensive automation scoring methodology that takes into account hidden costs and value. With a strategic view of practical automation options, RPA Use Case Validation identifies and assesses your organization’s best automation opportunities.

How it Works

Maximizing the value realized in healthcare automation requires deep industry experience in operations and RPA implementations. Assessment of automation feasibility must account for dependencies and complexities that can be overlooked without healthcare expertise and a proven automation scoring methodology. Amitech’s RPA Use Case Validation engages the right business and technical teams to identify and vet high-impact RPA opportunities.

RPA Use Case Validation quickly clarifies the potential business value, feasibility, and cost of automation opportunities that are already in your backlog of ideas by:

  • Using proven RPA process assessment templates to quickly collect key process metrics.
  • Engaging SMEs in a structured RPA discovery workshop.
  • Scoring 2-4 automation ideas for value, feasibility, risks, and scalability using Amitech’s proven RPA methodology.
  • Ask us about implementation packages.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Find Hidden Value
  • Identify Complexity
  • Validate Return On Investment

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Maximize Automation Velocity with RPA Health Check

Governance, Scalability, and Bot Optimization are three of the top reasons automation programs fail.

The excitement of RPA has helped healthcare see the possibility of significant returns in labor efficiency, cost savings, and improved revenue realization. Still, many have not created a development engine (SDLC, PMO) to achieve maximum automation throughput. An RPA Health Check can increase your development productivity and velocity through standardized project management structures, robust development processes focused on re-use and quality, design principles for security, and bot value return monitoring.

How it Works

RPA programs that can scale effectively and successfully depend on standardization, quality, re-use, and a reliable digital workforce. Amitech’s RPA Health Check is a flexible, high-value solution that evaluates your RPA technical architecture, Robotic Development Life Cycle (RDLC), and project management frameworks to identify common issues that prevent effective automation.

Amitech’s RPA Health Check is a prescriptive two-phase evaluation that reviews the current state of your RPA architecture and development practices to ensure they promote reusability and standardization. This process identifies any gaps in development standards, design and re-use principles, and business value orchestration that each can negatively affect scale. In addition, this process applies Amitech’s experience assessing automation opportunities to establish a streamlined RPA project management framework that enables clear governance and effective monitoring for your RPA program.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Reliable Digital Workforce
  • Predictable Planning
  • Clarity of Business Value

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Think Big Automations, but Start Small with RPA Starter Kit

Many people think that getting started with automation takes months of planning and development, but it does not have to.

With nearly 60% of the manual processes in healthcare set for automation, it be can daunting to get started, much less make sure you get started right. Amitech’s RPA Starter Kit helps organizations get up and running faster. Through that first automation, your teams will quickly understand where the pitfalls and challenges will be and create plans for addressing those through policy, governance, technology, and process solutions. Let Amitech get you started with RPA projects and de-risk your automation journey.

How it Works

Whether your organization has UiPath already configured or is starting from scratch, Amitech’s RPA Starter Kit can quickly get your up, running, and delivering value. In six weeks or less, Amitech can:

  1. Install and configure your UiPath environment, configured for enterprise-grade security and multiple development and production environments.
  2. Integrate the UiPath platform with your EHR and other essential operational systems.
  3. Vet existing use case ideas for feasibility, business engagement, and value.
  4. Design and implement a new high-value automation.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Strong Foundation
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Deliver Real Business Value

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Build Your Business Case for the Value of Automation

A staggering 80% of enterprise automation programs fail to deliver any substantial return and stall out within their first two years. 

The promise of Integrated Health Automation (IHA) is that 60% of the manual processes in healthcare can be automated. But understanding how to achieve this goal requires experience identifying where automation can be leveraged, estimating the value of each automation, prioritizing those opportunities, and building a self-funding roadmap for success. Organizations without substantial preexisting experience find it impossible to build a practical business case for automation. Organizations without substantial preexisting experience find it impossible to build a practical business case for automation. Amitech’s FlintBlueprint™ leverages our expertise to create your plan for automation success and value delivery.

How it Works

Every transformation requires thoughtful reflection, strategic vision, detailed planning, change management, and adaptability along the way. Amitech’s FlintBlueprint™ process builds on decades of experience building and implementing blueprints for healthcare data, analytics, and technology programs and incorporates the unique challenges that integrated process automation and digital workforce transformation introduces.

FlintBlueprint™ is a formulated three-phase engagement that will:

  1. Use Amitech’s automation heatmaps and interviews to discover where automation can create value aligned with your business strategy
  2. Estimate the value and impact of those automation opportunities
  3. Create a blueprint for the successful delivery of that value portfolio

The result is a strong business case to accelerate your automation journey and quickly deliver value.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • High-Value Automations
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Self-Funding Roadmap

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