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Master Data Management

Why master data management?

Master data management (MDM) is a solution for data registry, consolidation, centralization, and coexistence—it increases the quality and usability of data, reduces inefficiencies and waste created within disparate data systems, and helps increase technology integration capabilities. Having a data stewardship plan means employees at payer and provider organizations can easily access high-quality and consistent data.

Patient Data Management ensures a single view of patient data across multiple applications, like Electronic Health Records (EHR), lab systems, imaging, and more. A complete view of patient data improves care, reduces duplications, and enhances patient safety.

Provider Data Management harmonizes data, including qualifications, affiliations, and performance, to support credentialing, directory services, and network management.

Payer Data Management consolidates data from various sources to streamline claims processing, fraud detection, member management, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Master Data management, and a 360 view into payer and provider data, enhances interoperability and the exchange of data between internal and external applications. Get in touch to learn more.