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Automation at Scale

Reinvent healthcare work: unleash human potential with digital workers

The healthcare industry is amidst an unprecedented transformation—there are labor shortages, tired teams, and an aging workforce. Recent data indicates that 30% of healthcare professionals are thinking about leaving their current jobs, and an alarming 50% are experiencing burnout. We’re on the brink of a talent crisis.

There is a solution, however—an unlimited pool of digital workers. The harmonious integration of a digital workforce with your current team is more of a revolution than just a solution.

Transform your workforce and welcome digital workers to the team

Free up your human workers’ capacity, maximize potential, and improve happiness by handing off the tedium to digital workers. You’ll eliminate human error, save money, and make everyone’s day-to-day easier.

The anatomy of a digital worker

Think of robotic process automation as your digital worker’s hands and eyes capable of executing those monotonous, repeatable, but essential tasks. But your digital worker isn’t just hands and eyes. They have intelligent organs too, like a digital brain and central nervous system. Your new worker is capable of cognition, coordination, orchestration, speech recognition, listening, and interpretation. This is intelligent automation.

Just like human workers, digital workers are trained to do a specific job. We’ll build your bot to tackle your unique clinical or administrative automation needs.

And while your bots live in the cloud or right in your device, they work across any platform, linking all your existing software and applications.

Digital Workforce transformation is key to realizing economic value

Retooling, reskilling, and redeploying your workforce is critical to unleashing the full potential of automation. Our consultative approach, focus on economic value delivery, and reporting metrics helps keep everyone on the same page. For payers and providers, the successful integration of digital workers must be a strategic imperative. A comprehensive reimagining of how healthcare work gets done—a reconfiguration of processes and tasks—is the key to unlocking the value of a digital workforce.

How we do it:

  • Work reinvention:
    We start by carefully deconstructing tasks within each business process to identify where human expertise shines and where digital workers can ease burdensome or tedious tasks. We aim to free human capacity from routine or undesired tasks, channeling their skills where they matter most. With this mindset, we boost efficiency, fight burnout, and add around 2% of revenue to your bottom line.
  • An intentional partnership and plan:
    Together with business-area leaders, we develop a deliberate plan to retool, reskill, or redeploy your workers. As automation takes root, human resources transition seamlessly to higher-value tasks or are strategically adjusted through cost avoidance measures, such as vacancy non-fill or headcount containment. This approach guarantees tangible value from automation initiatives.
  • Cultivating an automation-positive culture:
    The term automation understandably evokes fears of job loss, but we’re determined to change this perception. Human healthcare workers should embrace the inclusion of digital coworkers as an asset rather than a threat, freeing them up for more meaningful, less tedious work. Our change management methodologies nurture a culture where automation receives widespread acceptance and enthusiasm.
    It’s time to future-proof your workforce.

We don’t just advocate for digital workforce transformation in healthcare—we’re leading the industry towards a resilient, future-ready workforce. We’re excited to discuss the future of work with you. Click here to get in touch.