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Large Senior Primary Care Organization Selects Amitech for Intelligent Automation

March 30, 2022 (ST. LOUIS) – Amitech Solutions, an award-winning healthcare data, analytics and automation consulting firm, is honored to announce a new intelligent automation partnership with a large senior primary care organization. Amitech will implement automation for two different operational areas for the initial project and anticipates saving the customer $19.6M over the next five years.

With the help of UiPath’s intelligent automation platform, Amitech will create labor efficiencies within Medical Records and Referral Management departments by automating fax processes. US healthcare organizations process roughly 30 billion transactions annually at the cost of $250B. Nearly half of these transactions – about 15 billion – are faxes. This customer selected Amitech to utilize intelligent automation and UiPath’s document understanding product to use a digital assistant to open, read, identify, and enter data from faxed referral, surgery, specialist, labs, hospital, legal, home health, and medical documents.

Roughly 560K faxes are sent to this customer annually and are entered manually, costing the customer nearly $2M in avoidable labor. By automating laborious referral data entry from the faxed PDFs with the digital assistant, this customer can reduce human error, improve the digitization of manual processes, and reallocate medical records FTEs to higher-value work.

The industry-leading independent primary care provider headquartered in Florida had been experiencing tremendous growth and decided to harness automation to improve labor efficiencies. They strategically selected Amitech to lead the organization’s first automation project based on the consulting organization’s deep healthcare expertise, knowledge of implementing UiPath’s automation technology across many health systems, and demonstrated experience optimizing labor productivity with automation.

“Our implementation of UiPath’s automation platform is creating best-in-class labor efficiencies across various healthcare providers and payors,” said Amitech CEO Amit Bhagat. “We are excited to partner with this customer to drive value across many departments, ultimately lowering their administrative expenses.”

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