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Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare Transformation

Talent and Skill Augmentation

Closing the talent gap.

The biggest risk to 21st-century healthcare is not politics, an aging population or rising costs – it’s access to talent. Over 90% of healthcare executives in the US cited the difficulty of finding qualified workers as a critical concern in 2017 (SHRM).  Add to that the exploding demand for some tech specialties, and it’s easy to understand why access to talent is quickly becoming a primary bottleneck in healthcare transformation.

Amitech helps to alleviate those talent pressure points through:

  • Direct staffing for critical roles
  • Staff augmentation for difficult to find skill sets
  • Project or function outsourcing
  • Offshoring solutions for costs containment and scale

For healthcare clients struggling to find the resources they need, Amitech uses innovative approaches to source the best, hardest to find healthcare tech talent. We employ four different models to plug the holes in client rosters:

What makes Amitech Different?

Our Exclusive Focus is on Healthcare

We work with healthcare payors and providers across the US. Amitech’s intimate knowledge of the industry allows our team to outperform other vendors without this niche expertise.

We Concentrate on Hard-to-Fill Roles

  • Software Developers (.NET, Java)
  • Data Governance/Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing/ETL
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Business Analysts/QA
  • Infrastructure/Security
  • Data Science

Higher Quality Submissions

Amitech is not a typical staffing firm.  Rooted in our need to staff our internal consulting project teams, our recruiters focus on quality, not raw quantity. Our screening processes and authenticity protocols surpass industry standards and greatly reduce unqualified, ineligible, or dishonest candidates. The new result is less time wasted interviewing candidates that are a poor fit or a high risk.

Contact us today if your critical roles are going unfilled for too long or if you are settling for lower-quality candidates.