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$6B Health System Selects Amitech for RPA Implementation and Managed Services

April 15, 2021 (ST. LOUIS) – Amitech Solutions, an award-winning healthcare data, analytics and automation consulting firm, is honored to announce a new partnership with a large Michigan-based health system. This $6B healthcare provider turned to healthcare automation industry leader, Amitech, to use automation for provider credentialing and enrollment. Along with automating these two processes that are critical to generating revenue, this provider is using Amitech’s RPA Managed Services (ARMS), which allows Amitech to focus on maintaining their bots while they continue to take care of their patients.

To regularly credential more than 2,000 physicians across more than 40 specialties, this provider needed to identify a partner to assist in developing automation processes. They selected Amitech as the implementation partner because of our holistic approach to automation and accountability to establish business value rather than just building bots. As a healthcare automation leader and UiPath’s 2020 Americas Innovation Partner of the Year, Amitech has bought value to many health systems across the nation.

Amitech will accelerate this healthcare system’s provider onboarding by up to 30%, meaning physicians can generate more billable revenue in their first year. This provider will also see about $500K in labor savings by streamlining processes and integrating work across multiple departments through automation.

Amitech projects the credentialing and enrollment automation processes to be fully operational and driving business value before Q3. The provider expects $15 million in cost savings annually by reducing the time to credential new and existing physicians. By deploying bots that can help ensure compliance and reduce risks, rather than high-value employees, to validate data, the provider can conservatively save $1.5 million per year for each day that Amitech can improve processing time through intelligent automation.

“This partnership felt like it was meant to be from the start. The customer puts their patients and patient experience first, and it means so much to be doing something which allows them to modernize some of the workloads through technology,” said Amitech Chief Strategy Officer Tim Branham. “We are excited about this implementation because it will deliver ongoing business value to drive the overall cost of healthcare down.”

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