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Gain Visibility & Insights with Price Transparency Data Service

Price Transparency

The business of healthcare has forever changed with the emergence of COVID-19. Healthcare executives across the country have had to react quicker than ever to the shifting sands of change the new world has presented. Healthcare is in the midst of a transformation that requires greater transparency and access to not just price transparency data but data of all kinds about patients, communities, operations, and supply chains. Amitech believes data sharing is critical to transform and deliver positive outcomes, and price transparency is one of Amitech’s data-sharing strategies.

Amitech began enabling access to price transparency data in the Spring of 2021 with its hospital price transparency data service that standardizes and cleanses data from hundreds of hospitals and delivers that information in a simple file format for clients. Amitech’s clients have used this information to reduce negotiation risks, increase reporting accuracy of their partners, and gain insights for price negotiations for more than a year. Even before July 2022, when payor machine-readable first became available, Amitech’s clients were asking if this new data source could also be made available.

Amitech’s Price Transparency Data Service provides numerous benefits to payors and providers to help decrease their medical costs while providing deeper insights into market-wide pricing variations including:

  1. Gain Wide Visibility into Pricing Data
  2. Bring More Equity into Provider and Payor Contracts
  3. Reduce Cost of Healthcare for All Stakeholders

To learn more about Amitech’s Price Transparency Data Service for payors, schedule a demo or contact us today.

Learn how Amitech can help you reduce medical costs with Price Transparency Data Management.

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