DATA, ANALYTICS & AUTOMATION for better healthcare

Business intelligence

With EHR adoption at over 85% across the US, having data is quickly becoming table stakes.

In an age where the volume and value of healthcare data is breaking new ground at record speed, many payors and providers are struggling just to keep up with the capabilities needed to support the enterprise and deliver the basics. This is often most noticeable for providers, who in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, are spending the majority of their resources and energy integrating EHRs and getting basic management tools in place. But as data becomes the key healthcare currency, just getting by won’t be enough to keep up.

In the face of rapid change and industry-wide transformation, an approach to business intelligence that goes beyond technology to connect with business value at every step is essential. Winning solutions will:

  • Recognize BI as a standalone, strategic lever for the business
  • Connect with measurable value
  • Imbed change management for results that stick

Independence from IT

Strong business intelligence and analytical capabilities and “smart” (vs. big) data management are becoming mandatory as healthcare makes the leap from volume to value. Despite being a little late to the business intelligence game as compared to other industries, the escalating consumer expectations, massive data demands and relentless cost pressures for healthcare providers and payors are forcing accelerated adoption of BI that can support growing data needs and drive innovation.

At Amitech, we believe an empowered BI team, independent of IT and deeply connected to the needs of business users is the most effective and efficient path to success. Via a framework focused on bringing together people, processes, technology and culture, our strategy helps customers leverage valuable insights to survive and thrive in the shift to value-based care.

Business Focused BI

Although the needs of every organization are unique, there are some key considerations in selecting approaches and tools to support business intelligence in healthcare that are near universal, and it all starts with value. The first priority should always be to define the business and clinical objectives at stake. BI connected to value is BI that sticks.

Just as important as knowing where you want to end up is knowing how to measure how things are progressing along the way, so an early part of our process with customers settles the definition of metrics that will accurately reflect impact.

Laying the Foundation for Lasting Change

Bi strategies (and strategists) are often preoccupied with making sure the team, tools, data access and quality, as well as policy, process and regulatory challenges are resolved to enable success. But if all this planning doesn’t include a solid strategy to effectively manage through the change, it’s likely all for naught. At Amitech, our focus on the mechanics of organizational change is why our customers defy the odds that doom so many data and analytics projects to failure. An approach that prioritizes early incorporation of key stakeholders, careful attention to workflows and structuring for early wins to create momentum serves to set-up our customers’ strategies for long-term success.

Making the Leap to Value

There is no cookie-cutter BI solution, as every provider and payor has different relationships, operational components, priorities and IT environments/constraints. But when capabilities are considered strategically, the possibilities hold real promise. A few of the promising solutions we’ve designed for our customers include:

  • Predictive cost and revenue models for a population to actively negotiate value-based contracts and manage performance via a scalable analytics platform
  • Identification of members at risk of leaving a plan in time to preemptively target and retain them
  • A Real-time, predictive analytics model with the power to make an immediate impact on patient outcomes and advanced chronic care management

What differentiates Amitech from other analytics and business intelligence companies is that we don’t rest on a technology-only solution. We begin and end with the business problem our customers want to solve, imbed change management and seek to create business value at every step. Sound interesting? Contact us to find out how our approach could work for you.