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UiPath Awards Amitech Solutions as Americas 2020 Innovation Partner of the Year

December 17, 2020 (ST. LOUIS) – Amitech Solutions, a leading healthcare data, analytics and automation consulting firm, announced that it has won UiPath’s Americas 2020 Innovation Partner of the Year Award. Amitech was awarded at UiPath’s first Reboot Work Festival for demonstrating excellence in innovation and the positive impact on healthcare especially during the pandemic.

Two years in the making, Amitech forged a strategic relationship with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software platform company UiPath to bring innovative automation solutions to healthcare to lower total cost of care, improve quality of care and improve patient or member experience. Through Amitech’s visionary products built on UiPath’s innovative platform, Amitech has scaled RPA, provided numerous forward-thinking solutions and solved some of the day-to-day challenges in both clinical and administrative functions in healthcare.

Amitech is honored to receive this recognition. We are in a unique position to combine data and analytics with automation and use our deep roots in healthcare to innovate and support healthcare organizations through this pandemic and come out ahead. Amitech launched six new products this year, including Care Management, Remittance Posting, Patient Quality, and more, with the ability to drive $3.1B in value to top healthcare providers across the country.

“COVID-19 has taken the need for automation in healthcare to an unprecedented level, and at Amitech we were fortunate to develop products that could transition quickly into the industry. We could not have done it so quickly without UiPath’s platform. The team at UiPath has allowed us to be adaptive and innovative both at scale and with agility,” said Jeff Hatfield, Amitech Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Amitech’s focus in 2020 (before COVID) was to do everything we could to make healthcare better, and even with the barrier that is COVID, we believe we have done just that.”

Amitech’s chosen path to make healthcare better has allowed the team to remain humble and scalable to solve major challenges in providers and payers’ current environments. Amitech has been working closely with our customers to help deploy innovative automation solutions for a variety of COVID-19 related workloads. Healthcare leaders need every tool at their disposal to help confront the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare them for an effective and efficient post pandemic world.

“Our partner ecosystem gives us the reach to support customers anywhere in the world and the scale to handle even the most ambitious automation initiatives,” said Chris Klayko, Senior Vice President Sales, UiPath. “UiPath is a partner-first organization that values its partnerships and continually invests in its partners to enable differentiation, growth and profitability. We are proud to recognize these Americas partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to deliver immense value to our customers and to grow their own businesses in the process.”

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