DATA, ANALYTICS & AUTOMATION for better healthcare

The Superpowers of Advanced Data Analytics – A Dining 4 Data Event

We have had a fantastic response to our upcoming event in Little Rock, Arkansas. This event is completely booked but sign up for updates so you can join us for the next one.

In this discussion, the attendees will hear firsthand about the new realities and future trends in big data technologies and analytics, including drill-downs into practical use cases. This small, invite-only event will be lead by Paul Boal, VP Solution Delivery at Amitech.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, proliferation of technology means we are inundated with more data every year. In this new information-rich environment, however, using that data to create actionable insights that drive real change can be frustratingly elusive.

Rising above the chaos of change and complexity is a new breed of data and analytics professional — the emerging superheroes of tomorrow’s healthcare.

Their super powers:

  • Creating and harnessing new sources of data
  • Embracing new big data technologies and tools for processing and querying data
  • Leveraging advanced analytical techniques to find the emerging and changing patterns
  • Implementing visualization tools that enhance information delivery

This session will touch on some of the ways that data and analytics teams can develop their new super powers and use them effectively. We will then drill into use cases that demonstrate how the industry is evolving despite the chaotic challenges.

Trends for discussion:

  • The role of data analytics in value-based care and reimbursement
  • The “promise” of predictive analytics in improving patient outcomes
  • Applying Internet of Things (IoT) technology and techniques in unorthodox ways
  • The advantages of streaming data for real-time monitoring

Paul Boal is Amitech’s Vice President of Delivery, with more than 20 years of experiencing delivering healthcare information management and analytics solutions. In addition to serving as Amitech’s solution design leader, Paul serves as adjunct professor at St. Louis University and Washington University and speaks nationally at industry healthcare and technology events. He has experience in enterprise data management, master data management, data warehousing and business intelligence, big data and advanced analytics, and data/analytics commercialization. Mr. Boal is currently focused on helping healthcare companies adapt to the evolving industry using integrated big data and advanced analytics strategies and solutions.