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How to Overcome Digital Workforce Security Challenges

On-Demand Video | 30 min.

The goal of your digital workforce is to cut tedious processes and free up employees to perform higher-value tasks at the top of their credentials. However, many healthcare organizations need help understanding how to enable their digital workforce with the appropriate access to corporate systems. Contrary to popular belief, digital worker access does not mean administrative access.

With skyrocketing healthcare costs and workforce shortages plaguing health systems and plans, it’s more important than ever to adopt an automation program. In this on-demand webinar, we will outline the most common topics and questions healthcare clients ask us about security concerns when enabling a digital workforce:

  • Why does a governance structure strategy really matter?
  • How do you get your business owner comfortable with giving your digital workforce appropriate access?
  • What is the difference between an end user and digital worker?
  • How does the principle of least privilege enhance security?

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