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Hospital Workflow Processes & Automations That Can Help

The amount of data generated by hospitals is increasing at a rate of 47% a year. This information is often duplicative, siloed, and cumbersome, which is why it’s crucial to ensure efficient and appropriate hospital workflow processes. We are now in a digital age, and it’s imperative to collaborate with AI technology to ensure these processes are running smoothly and effectively while managing information critical to patient care and organizational function. 

Below are a few examples of how Amitech’s IA bots can transform a healthcare institution’s workflows to maximize performance. 

Automatic Patient Care Management

Far too often high-risk patients don’t get the care they need when they should. This is because vital pieces of patient information are frequently unavailable digitally. In addition, medical staff often have difficulty locating required patient data because it’s not contained in a single, easily accessible location. 

The good news is that automated workflow processes can solve this problem. Flint Care Management (FlintCM) is an automatic mechanism that aggregates all core information about a patient by collecting data from previously completed forms and documentation. Flint then compares this information to a patient’s previous medical records and compiles the data in a single location. Even further, this artificial intelligence (AI) technology then assesses the patient for any risks and will notify medical staff of any required actions. 

Technology to Improve Safety Audits

The risk of patients developing a hospital-acquired condition during their stay is acknowledged as a common complication of care. Unfortunately, these situations are the cause of potential malpractice suits and/or failed safety audits. It’s vital to ensure quality patient care, not just to avoid financial consequences but to uphold reputational and professional excellence. 

Flint Patient Quality (FlintPQ) was designed to enhance patient quality and prevent negative outcomes from safety audits. This smart technology compiles patient information starting at a patient’s admission and continuing until discharge. Care professionals are enabled to provide responsive care through access to comprehensive and fully updated patient data. 

Smart Automatics to Assist with Medical Record Abstraction

While most healthcare facilities have adopted electronic health records (EHR), there are still a small percentage of practices struggling to convert paper documentation to digital. It is now critical to complete the digitization process in order to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act as penalties for non-compliance will begin to be enforced in 2024. 

Flint Patient Quality Abstractor Assistant automates the abstraction process. This AI technology is highly equipped to analyze the patient’s chart, pull crucial information, and generate a complete medical record. 

Automated Processes to Prevent HIPAA Violations

The dawn of EHRs spawned a slew of HIPAA violations. Maintaining digitally based patient records comes with an entirely new set of challenges. To counteract potential privacy breaches, HIPAA continuously increases security requirements for patient EHRs. As such, healthcare organizations are employing significant time, resources, and money to ensure they avoid privacy and data breaches. 

With automated processes, like Cumulus, it’s much easier to determine and ensure the privacy of a patient’s EHR. This cloud-based automation solution is equipped to perform high-quality and efficient security checks on electronic health records. In addition to providing a secure environment for patient data, Cumulus will continuously monitor all automated processes to ensure they are performing without error. 

The Rundown

There are hundreds of resources to improve your hospital workflow processes and automations. The above are only a few that have received high ratings among medical professionals.

Amitech is leading the way when it comes to smart technology, hospital workflow processes, and automations. Contact Amitech today for more information about how to get started today with intelligent automation.