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Accelerating Value Creation from Automation by Making it a C-Level Strategic Priority

Amitech Case Study

How did one healthcare payor make automation a C-level strategic priority to address labor shortages, ease employee burnout and create a positive economic impact to their bottom line?

The Challenge: Having Limited Success with Previous Automation and Unable to Generate Enough Value to Advance its Automation Projects

The IT team could not get business leaders’ attention to leverage automation to ease their high labor costs and employee burnout challenges. The customer was stuck without a clear plan to move forward.

The Solution: Amitech Worked with this Payor to Prioritize Automation at the C-suite to get the Necessary Commitment and Investment to Accelerate Value

The Amitech team was engaged to be a strategic partner to develop an automation program, positive ROI roadmap, and operating model focused on implementing automations every quarter for value realization. Critical to the success was a Governance structure to prioritize automation and manage workforce transformation and a Center of Excellence (COE) to create efficiencies in implementing process automation.

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