About Us

Why Amitech?

Today’s healthcare landscape isn’t just changing, it’s transforming. To succeed you need business agility, continuous innovation, and the ability to do more with less. Getting ahead and staying ahead leaves little time for a learning curve. So, it’s not enough just to choose a partner that knows their way around data, analytics and IT. You need a team with single-minded industry expertise that can help guide you to the future of data-driven healthcare.

That’s who we are. Here’s why it matters:

Less Risk, Time & Expense

We are niche experts dedicated to the very specific problems leaders face in data-driven healthcare organizations. That means less risk vs. other consultancies that don’t have the head start that Amitech has. It means we can speed up initiatives by bringing pre-built assets, models and frameworks that are baked and time-proven. And it means we bring industry-best expertise at a more affordable price versus the “usual suspects.”

Flexibility & Face-Time

We are more nimble and faster out of the gate. Our specific focus and operating model is purpose-built for the problems facing our healthcare clientele. It translates to more senior experts available and actively engaged, less administrative bloat and red tape, and increased ability to flex with the realities of shifting needs.

Sticky Results

We have made organizational change management a core competency in our business. So many technology, data and analytics projects fail not because of technical implementation issues, but the inability to shift behaviors and processes within the new environment. At Amitech, we have a proven, tangible process to both drive change that gets our clients to the business outcomes they need – and that also makes that change permanent.

What We Do

Amitech’s expertise lies at the intersection of data, analytics, healthcare, and change.

Here’s what that means to our clients:

  1. Expert Guidance
    • In our management consulting model, we deliver insights, recommendations and functional plans around IT and data proficiency.
  2. Hands-On Project Work
    • Our information management engineering offers project consulting that delivers solution design and/or physical execution to create tangible resources for clients.
  3. Analytics & BI as a Service
    • Business analytics development is project consulting that delivers stand-alone data analytics and business intelligence capability. You give us the data and our data scientists deliver the desired insights.
  4. Asset Creation
    • Through our enterprise solutions work, we create IP and digital assets for single clients or a category of common client needs.
  5. Staff Augmentation
    • Our industry-leading, internal recruiting team provides short and long-term staffing to fill specific flex needs or to close skill gaps for clients.