DATA, ANALYTICS & AUTOMATION for better healthcare

How Amitech

is making healthcare better

return on RPA investment
See why Mercy, a $5 billion healthcare provider, trusts Amitech to scale their RPA
annual value to customers
It's estimated that 60% of the work happening in most healthcare organizations can be automated
more automation potential in healthcare with Cumulus automation as a service
Check out how Cumulus opens access to intelligent automation for healthcare companies regardless of size
decrease in admin labor costs
Learn how automating remittance posting and reconciliation with FlintRP can reduce healthcare labor costs


are we?

We are hands-on, data, analytics and automation consultants. Our ultimate goal is to make healthcare more proactive, higher quality and less expensive for everyone.

We drive positive change for leaders challenged by the accelerating disruption and the awesome possibilities within the modern healthcare landscape.

We help Insurance Plans, MCO’s, ACO’s, Health Systems, Hospitals and Physicians across the country work at their absolute highest potential.

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In today’s changing healthcare landscape, getting ahead and staying ahead leaves little time for a learning curve. So, it’s not enough just to choose a team that knows their way around data, analytics and automation. You need a business-focused partner with healthcare expertise.

That’s who we are.
Here’s why it matters:

Lower Cost
Enduring, Value-Driven Results
Unrivaled Speed & Efficiency

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Our Solutions
Accelerating Value Creation from Automation
Learn how one payor made automation a C-level strategic priority to address labor shortages and skyrocketing costs