DATA, ANALYTICS & AUTOMATION for better healthcare
About us

About us

Why Amitech?

About Amitech
Amitech believes healthcare can and should be better. We partner with our customers to deliver data, analytics and automation strategies and solutions to make healthcare more proactive, higher quality and less expensive for everyone.


We work with customers to create change for extraordinary results.

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, getting ahead and staying ahead leaves little time for a learning curve. So, it’s not enough just to choose a team that knows their way around data, analytics and automation. You need a business-focused partner with healthcare expertise.

That’s who we are. Here’s why it matters:

Lower Cost

Focused healthcare expertise combined with a lightweight structure and a superior level of accountability and engagement allows us to deliver industry-best expertise at a lower cost than global competitors and other mid-market firms.

Enduring, Value-Driven Results

With a single-minded focus on value, we combine people, process, culture and technology to both drive change that gets our customers to the business outcomes they need—and that also makes that change permanent.

Unrivaled Speed & Efficiency

At Amitech, our proven, pre-built assets, models and frameworks translate to an unmatched time-to-market for our customers. This built-in expertise offers the fastest and most efficient means to amplify internal capabilities and achieve meaningful results.

What We Do

Amitech’s expertise lies at the intersection of data, analytics, automation, healthcare, and change.

Here’s what that means to our customers:

    1. Expert Guidance
      • Navigating change with confidence starts with insights, recommendations and actionable plans from our trusted and time-tested consultants and advisors.
    2. Tangible Results
      • Building customer capabilities and delivering business value–not just products and solutions–begins with our approach to the precise blend of people, process, culture and change.
    3. Fail-safe Innovation
      • Freedom to fail fast is possible with a partner that creates a safe space to quickly build-out and test new ideas with small, cross-functional teams.
    4. Seamless Digital Transformation
      • Extensive expertise in combining and leveraging data, analytics and automation is critical to our customers’ ongoing digital transformations.
    5. Agility
      • Faster speed to market, courtesy of deep expertise in the agile operating model, reusable components and accelerators we’ve built over time.
    6. Professional Services
      • Improved results for every project with a partner that understands the importance of having the right people in the right role.